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Stephanie Perez

Associate VP, Lending and Servicing

Stephanie Perez is the AVP over Private Lending Servicing, handling all aspects of loan servicing at Private Lender Network.   She graduated from Campbell University (NC) with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Finance in 2014 and relocated to Austin, Texas shortly after.  After dabbling in the government sector for a few years, she took a leap of faith and landed a Loan Servicing Associate position within the company.  Over the last 4 ½ years, she has learned the ropes of what it takes to be in loan servicing, including but not limited to providing excellent customer service to our borrowers, timely lender distributions and reporting and coordinating loan disbursements.  She has now become a great source of knowledge over the daily ins and outs of the portfolio of loans managed within loan servicing.  Her team is responsible for handling an array of tasks associated with the life of a loan.  Once a loan closes, her team handles the collection of payments, tax and insurance monitoring, loan modifications and funds disbursement.  She believes that by providing the best customer support, our borrowers will succeed; and when our borrowers succeed, we succeed.