Noble Capital Real Estate

Noble Capital Real Estate provides investment capital for Noble’s exclusive capital partnership with Emerge Real Estate Group (ERG), which looks to create joint ventures and opportunistic acquisitions. This alternative real estate fund features products aimed at capital preservation, above market return rate, and limited downside risk.

ERG Funding Line

The ERG funding line is structured primarily for passive investors who want to take advantage of real estate development opportunities while partnering with a premier developer. This is our premier fund for residential investment, real estate joint ventures, and opportunistic acquisitions. This includes portfolio strategies focused on Texas real estate and partnerships throughout the United States. The loans will be on various types of real estate, including but not limited to single family dwellings, retail, office, industrial and multi-family projects, as well as investments in raw land.

Capital Preservation

Above Market Rate of Return

Limited Downside Risk

Minimum Investment


Lock Up Term

3 Years



How To Invest


Set Up Your Account

Fill out our online application and submit your documents to unsure a seamless investing process.


Submit Investment

Submit your desired allocation amount to the Noble Capital Fund Management Team.


Grow Your Portfolio.

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