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The Business Model

The Business Model

In 2002, Noble Capital began its private lending operation which has evolved into the blueprint for the Private Lender Network. The PLN team brings together expertise in private lending, real estate, marketing, loan underwriting, and loan servicing to build a comprehensive platform for lenders nationwide.

From Noble Capital’s hub in Austin, Texas, the Private Lender Network team has the resources and expertise to deploy the tools, capital and support that private lenders across the country need to scale their current operation and become the dominant lender in their area.




The private lending industry has been inundated with Institutional Capital as it seeks higher yielding investment vehicles. The Institutional Capital that has found the private lending industry has done a good job deploying its capital, but they have not provided any additional support to private lenders other than the financing of their loans. As such there is a void in the private lending industry to support lenders in growing their respective businesses using proven systems and methods.


“Noble has always been here for us, in times of uncertainty, and times of prosperity. They are always serving investors with due dilligence.”

Steve Barry

Executive Fund Manager | Dell Computers


The Private Lender Network (The PLN) powered by Noble Capital. The PLN will fill the void left by the capital providers new to the private lending space by, in addition to providing attractive & comprehensive capital solutions will also provide cutting edge loan programs, business operations and marketing strategies along with leadership training and growth coaching to allow a private lender to create an enterprise of long-term value instead of simply facilitating the brokering of a loan. Why are we qualified to do this? Because we started as local private lending company… just look at Streamline Funding. We persevered through the institutional capital disruption and have seen growth year over years since 2010.

Start Up

Growth achieved through creativity. Whether well-funded or bootstrapped, the startup is lean because it has to be – that’s because it is not making any money yet. It is here where we put our business plan to the test to determine if it will develop into an actual business or not.


Growth achieved through direction. At this stage all businesses must be incredibly resourceful and flexible regardless of funding. It is in this stage when so many business feel the “cash crunch.” In order to persevere, a business must iterate, test and be decisive – and do all of that quickly to persevere even if everything might not be “just right” or “perfect” yet. At this point the company is able to direct certain issues and certain tasks to certain people.


Growth achieved through delegation. At this stage a business has likely solidified its place in the market and its view on the world. In the profit stage operations will be smoother and many times businesses will see aggressive and quick growth. In the profit phase a lot of the focus is turned inwards to insure sustainability as such many of the operations once handled by key founding members must be delegated. Leaders now must delegate to elevate and watch a core team start to build up around them with departments emerging with their own dynamics.


Growth achieved through coordination. With business routine, confidence growing and a solidified leadership team in the expansion phase it’s time to start thinking about and taking actions towards what comes next. It’s at this stage where many businesses can become complacent so, whether they decide to expand further and keep growing (new products, services, territory, market share, etc) or plan for an exit, at this stage coordinated planning must occur within all parts of the business so that they are all well in tune with each other.


Growth achieved through collaboration. A mature business doesn’t have to be one that’s hitting the headlines as the talk of the town. Sometimes, a mature business chugs along with sustainable profit growth and loyal employees reaching tenures. Many mature businesses have a strong cash position, which makes them an attractive target for mergers or acquisitions. The business may also reach a position where it devolves into spin-offs for other products or services, and grows into a wider subsidiary group. In this stage, the co-operation (collaboration) between all parts of the business is so well organized that they really can work well effectively in whatever situation.



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Figures as of 4/18/2021

Strategic Partnership

The exclusive capital partnership that we have with Noble allowed us to create lending products that stand out from the crowd and allow us to brandish the competitive edge that is needed to compete with the likes of the Wall Street banks. Because of our exclusive relationship with Noble we are able to get all of the focused energy we need to continue to design, iterate and improve making the business model sustainable in just about any market cycle or stage in business. Today we stand somewhere between profit and expansion and continue to lean on our partnership with for strategic expansion, organizational guidance and advisory and succession planning.


Today the PLN is on track to have a record year. Tomorrow the PLN strives to bring growth strategies to multiple, hyper-local private lending operators across the country by providing a never before seen service, offering and community that the industry has never seen before. While one day we would like to think that we have grown the company to a size and scale that would warrant conversations of a merger or acquisition, we first must accomplish our mission of assisting one lender at a time on their journey to sustainable and profitable business growth. The mission simply put, is to help each respective lender who is a part of the PLN become a millionaire in their own backyard while doing so the right way with systems, strategies and (most of all) integrity.


PLN has always been here for us, in times of uncertainty, and times of prosperity. They are always serving investors with due dilligence.”

Executive Fund Manager | Dell Computers

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