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About Noble Capital

no·ble /nōbəl/ adjective

having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

synonyms: righteous, virtuous, honorable, upright, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable;

Our name is our mission. As we strive to uphold our consistent performance record, we do so honorably and with full transparency. We are relationship-driven, committed to excellent client service and agile market analysis. Nothing is more important to us than earning – and maintaining – your confidence. We pledge to maintain candor, be direct and honest. Our passion is navigating the private lending market with alternative investment loans backed by Texas real estate. We strive to minimize risk, preserve principal and generate strong returns for members of our Private Lender Network.

These are Noble goals, delivered with Noble intentions, with immaculate Noble service.


Noble Capital is Texas’ premier full-service private lender network leveraging experience and expert asset management to make short-term investments with a return a reality. Backed 100 percent by Texas’ real-estate market, Noble Capital bridges the stream of private lenders and borrowers seeking alternative investment opportunities through our Private Lender Network (PLN). Noble Capital specializes exclusively in real estate-backed hard money lending and has built a full-service lending and loan servicing platform providing pre-screening, underwriting and asset management.


In 2008, Noble Capital shifted its focus from commercial real estate and development to private lending exclusively, now manages a portfolio of over $100 million. Noble Capital serves as the conduit between lenders and borrowers who are interested in short-term, low-risk, alternative investments. Typically, our lenders access high quality private lending opportunities that carry a short-term yield of 7 to 9 percent. For private lenders seeking to receive preferred returns of 10 percent year-round, Noble Capital offers a Managed Account. This product is only open to accredited, Texas-based entities and requires prior PLN involvement.


We are a team of driven, hard-working people that are confident looking you in the eye and shaking your hand. We strive to build an extended network that is a catalyst for success. We know how to translate tribulation into success. We parlay our personal experiences negating adversity into consistent success for our clients. We leverage our expert knowledge and lessons learned to create a stable portfolio of alternative investment opportunities for you. We are proud to have earned the respect of an expansive network of clients. Our relationships – anchored in candor, respect, and diligence – are a huge source of pride for the Noble Capital team. Relationships matter to us.