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Who Is Noble Capital?

Noble Capital is Texas’ premier private lending company leveraging experience and expert asset management to make short-term investments with a return a reality. Backed 100 percent by Texas’ real-estate market, Noble Capital bridges the stream of private lenders and borrowers seeking alternative investment opportunities in Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. Noble Capital specializes exclusively in real estate-backed hard money lending and has built a full-service lending and loan servicing platform providing pre-screening, underwriting and asset management.


Each investor is different and so too is each investment. Whether you are looking to invest passively into higher risk and higher returns funds, lower risk with lower return funds, or actively with just the right amount of risk to reward ratio in direct investments – Noble Capital has a program for you. The power needs to be in your hands. Discover the power of choice by reviewing the different investment options that have been created specifically for you.



We put all borrowers through a rigorous screening process. This guarantees the integrity of our loans and provides safe, predictable returns to our lenders.




Loan Servicing

Asset Management

We pre-screen all loan opportunities to ensure that only the best opportunities are considered for our clients. All borrowers seeking financing through our private lending platform are subject to a stringent pre-screening process.

Streamline Funding, wholly owned by Noble Capital, conducts rigorous underwriting qualifications governed by the trusted “5 ‘C’s of Underwriting” to ensure that our clients investments are secured and protected.

With four unique investment instruments, tailored to the likes of a variety of investors, Noble Capital is sure to have the opportunity you’re looking for. Whether it be high yields with leverage or an investment with minimized risk and a shorter dwell period, we have an opportunity designed to provide secure, yearlong performance on your capital.

Our team tracks the project financials and timelines, ensuring that your investment is protected. Loan servicing facilitates the collection of payments from borrowers and disbursement of payments to our clients.

In the rare scenario when a Borrower cannot meet its financial obligations to the Lender, we step in and provide Asset Management services to the investor during the transition and disposition periods ensuring that the investment is secured and performing.

What Clients Say

Do yourself a favor – go talk to these guys – ask tons of questions – and see why this is a perfect alternative to equity investing.

Curt C, Private Investor - Austin, Texas