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Don’t Put Your Nest Egg in One Basket

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In the previous blog, we discussed the “Rule of 100” to calculate the acceptable level of risk at any given age when investing to accumulate income for your retirement. Risk versus return is one of the key tradeoffs with regard to your retirement income. If you have an excessive amount of market risk in your investment portfolio, you could find … Read More

The Rule of 100

Sean HarrisRetirement

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of people to plan their retirement income strategies. A comprehensive strategy has many moving pieces, and each piece can have a significant impact on the others. In planning retirement strategies for our clients, we often see them making the same mistakes. In fact, we’ve identified seven retirement mistakes that nearly everyone makes. The … Read More

Life to The Fullest

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“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions”. I wish we could attribute that quote to ourselves, but it came from someone far wiser than us. Instead, we like to say, “Life is short. Plan to enjoy it,” same sentiment, right? The point is this: we often dedicate so much of our lives to fulfilling the obligations … Read More

3 Common Questions About Social Security

Ashley CorneliusRetirement, Social Security

While Social Security shouldn’t be relied upon to be the sole source of income during retirement, it can play an important role in your overall retirement income strategy. But making sense of the basic ins and outs of Social Security can be overwhelming. Here are three questions people commonly ask as they approach retirement age: When can I start taking … Read More