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Yuliya Kravchuk

Vice President of Finance at Noble Capital Group

As VP of Finance, Yuliya represents Noble’s leadership with strategic financial functions. This includes advisory on financial planning and optimization, corporate strategy, accounting operations, stewardship of company’s assets. 

Prior to Noble Capital, Yuliya accrued 15 years’ worth of extensive experience as VP Finance, Financial Controller, Director of Accounting, and Auditor in multinational high-profile corporations. Kravchuk cut her teeth executing radical growth and leading teams through acquisitions, management changes, and business improvement initiatives. Yuliya’s expertise includes the successful transition of financial management through M&A deals, transactional accounting, financial and operational reporting, risk management, effective financial forecasting, and strategic planning.  

Yuliya is an achiever with the ability to develop strategies and translate vision into specific and competitive action plans in a fast-paced environment. She recognizes and celebrates partnerships across diverse groups, mentors, and motivates talent to achieve a targeted goal. Yuliya speaks three languages, enjoys skiing, surfing and nature.

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!

- Henry Ford