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Rita Wang, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Executive Assistant to the CEO of Noble Capital Group

Rita Wang serves as the executive assistant to Noble Capital CEO Jadon Newman. In this capacity, she serves as a conduit between Noble’s highest executive and the company itself,  streamlining the various administrative processes that allow both to function more effectively.

An Australian native, Ms. Wang graduated from the University of New South Wales, achieving a Bachelor of International Studies with a Major in Business and a Minor in Politics. Rita is a veteran of the industry, having worked in financial services from the time of graduation, first on the retail side at a stockbroking firm, then at an investment level on the institutional side.

In 2019, Ms. Wang relocated to the US along with her husband, who was serving in the Marine Corps. They made their way to Texas in 2021, at which point Rita found her way to Noble Capital. Motivated by meaningful contribution to the success of a company in which she believes, Ms. Wang has become an integral part of the Noble team.

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