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Krystine Beneke

Director of Investor Relations at Noble Capital Fund Management

Krystine Beneke is a recent addition to the team, having joined Noble Capital in January 2021 as Director of Investor Relations. In this role, she focuses on building relationships and awareness along with dissemination of financial, strategic, product and market information to High Net Worth and Institutional investors and prospects.

Beneke began her career at UBS Private Wealth Management, working both in New York City and Los Angeles. As a Senior Wealth Strategy Associate, Krystine was responsible for creating investment proposals and strategies and managing investment portfolios ranging from $5MM to $200MM for high net worth clients, family offices, and foundations with portfolios. While at UBS, she was also responsible for developing tailored performance reports and liaising between third-party asset managers and her team. 

During the next chapter of her career, Beneke transitioned into the media space, working as the EVP for a startup focused on youth and family entertainment. While there, Kristine worked with prospects to secure financing for the acquisition of a notable animated film; she also spearheaded and developed key elements of the company, including vision, strategy, financial forecasting, and business development.

Not only is Krystine motivated by her hardworking and intelligent coworkers, but she is also driven by creating an unparalleled investor experience.

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“What is often called exceptional ability is nothing more than persistent endeavor.”

- Pauli Murray