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A Tough Conversation

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Let’s talk about what happens if you or your loved ones need long-term care. It’s a touchy topic because the results are not pretty if you failed to plan ahead. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to have the conversation sooner rather than later. Let’s start by defining long-term care. To be clear, we’re not talking about your healthcare after you retire, folks. … Read More

Don’t Let Your Retirement Savings Get the (T)ax

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Contribute. Contribute. Contribute. For those with limited knowledge of retirement planning, this is the conventional wisdom. And it is, in fact, wise to contribute early and often to your retirement account (or multiple accounts, if you possess a bit of financial savvy). For most people, though, too much of the emphasis is on accumulating capital in a 401k or IRA … Read More

Basic Income Isn’t So Basic

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When thinking about saving for retirement, you may think that your 401(k) coupled with Social Security will provide the regular income you’ll need to fund your retirement. Unfortunately, that scenario has become less and less realistic over the past decades. If you’re like most folks, you probably haven’t had the means to contribute sufficiently to your retirement accounts. Additionally, the … Read More

Don’t Put Your Nest Egg in One Basket

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In the previous blog, we discussed the “Rule of 100” to calculate the acceptable level of risk at any given age when investing to accumulate income for your retirement. Risk versus return is one of the key tradeoffs with regard to your retirement income. If you have an excessive amount of market risk in your investment portfolio, you could find … Read More