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Executive Team

The executive team of Noble Capital is seasoned by decades of experience in the real estate and financial industries. Each member has proven to have an intricate understanding of their respective areas of expertise, lending to Noble Capital a well-rounded, versatile and visionary leadership team.
chief executive officer
and founder

With more than 16 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Jadon specializes in retirement planning, real estate investment and asset management.

Chief Marketing

Romney oversees business development and all marketing functions for the Company. He founded the Investment Real Estate Roundtable which has more than 4,000 members in Texas.

chief operating

Chris is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Noble Capital. He spent 15 years in Loan Servicing, Loss Mitigation, Full Service Brokerage, Rehabilitation, and REO disposition.

financial officer

Grady Collins handles the financial and servicing aspects of Noble Capital. He has more than 25 years’ experience in various sectors of the financial industry.

Vice President- Loan Operations

With more than 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Alana oversees Loan Underwriting, Processing, Closing and Servicing operations.


Corporate Team

Noble Capital’s corporate team works behind the scenes to make sure the business has the strategies and resources necessary to be successful in its endeavors. While these folks may not be as visible as many of the other teams, they still have a visible impact on the company’s success.
Adam Shell

Director of Technology

Chris Rhymaun
IT System Administrator
Kim Jennings
Human Resources Manager
Karla Oellrich
Executive Assistant
Brandy Willis
Executive Assistant
Mason Walters
Project Manager, Ventures
Jordan Walden
Senior Accountant
Jordan Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Ashley Cornelius
Creative Marketing Specialist
Sean Harris
Content Marketing Specialist

Private Lending Team

The private lending division is the keystone of Noble Capital’s operation, and these are the people you’re most likely to see regularly. From investor relations to business development, they keep the money flowing and the business growing.
James Gaskin
Associate Vice President, Capital Markets
Tammie Tirres
Senior Advisor Advocate, Capital Markets
Jason McNiff
Senior Associate, Capital Markets
Frank Mgbolu
Associate, Capital Markets
Lincoln Smith
Associate, Capital Markets
Edward Hart
Associate Vice President, Quality Control
John Strawn
Senior Associate, Loan Operations
Erin Phomas
Senior Associate, Loan Operations
Anita Hibbs
Associate, Loan Operations
Mega Stewart-Alvarez
Associate, Loan Operations
Chris Marroquin
Senior Account Manager
Ashton Matthias
Account Manager
Melanie Guest
Client Liaison, Loan Operations
Holly Morris
Business Development Representative
Zach Ghormley
Business Development Representative
Andy Weis
Business Development Representative

Retirement Team

With offices in Austin and Dallas, Noble Capital’s retirement planning division has become one of the strongest and fastest growing areas of the company’s business over the past few years. Its unique approach to income planning and tax strategy, the Retirement Blueprint, has brought confidence and peace of mind to hundreds of retiring Americans.
Jess Hamill
Senior Advisor
Wayne Lurkens
Senior Advisor
Zach Schneider
Jonathan Burklund
Operations Manager
Jennifer Stevenson
Senior Client Services Coordinator
April Lara
Senior Client Services Coordinator
Tiffany Wade
Client Relations Coordinator

Real Estate Team

The Real Estate division of Noble Capital is built from real estate professionals who bring unparalleled experience in asset management, real estate brokerage, disposition and construction. They are the ones who spend their time on the front lines protecting our clients’ investments.
Steve Corcoran
Asset Manager
Property Manager
Kim A. Trigo
REO Asset Manager
Construction Control
Jeff Geloneck
Caitlyn Grimm

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