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Noble in a Nutshell

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The Noble Capital State of the Company has come and gone. Now that the dust has settled, we’ve caught up on our sleep and turned our attentions to other tasks. But we wanted to take a moment to reflect on this latest event before fully moving on. We have to say, those who missed out, really missed out. Our State of the Company event has evolved into more than just a company update; we really try to add some value and show how much we appreciate our clients. Our team went above and beyond to ensure a positive experience, so thank you to everyone who made it possible.

We were honored to have three amazing keynote speakers share their knowledge of the financial industry with our guests at the event. Eddie Wilson, President of Affinity Enterprise Group, gave us his perspectives on the importance of ethics in our industry based on his many years of experience with private lending. The President of Life Insurance at Advisors Excel, Mr. Jim Bowman, dropped some serious knowledge on us about tax strategies that help preserve your wealth and your legacy. Finally, Joe Milam, the Founder and CEO of AngelSpan, highlighted the latest technological advancements that are improving transparency and client communication through more efficient reporting. These topics are important cornerstones of our business. We hope that our clients and guests benefited from this knowledge.

And in the interest of transparency, Noble Capital’s own executive leadership discussed the business’ performance over the previous quarter, as well as our vision for the future. Right now, Noble Capital and its subsidiaries are experiencing rapid growth and that, of course, necessitates rapid change. We’ve bolstered our capabilities by adding a number of seasoned individuals who are highly proficient in their respective roles to our in-house team. Strengthening our personnel allows us to better control costs and project timelines, resulting in better outcomes for our clients. Additionally, we’ve made some fundamental changes in our business that allow us to address and better mitigate risk for our investors.

Going forward, it’s our goal to continue improving our processes in every aspect of the company. We aim to communicate more clearly and more frequently with our clients. We aim to bring many more opportunities to our borrowers and investors. And, as always, we aim to grow and preserve your wealth. Stay tuned for further company updates and a lot of great events we have on the calendar in the coming months. If you couldn’t make it to the State of the Company, we hope you’ll be able to join us at the next one and maybe even some of the events we have scheduled in between. And thanks, again, for being part of the Noble family.



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