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Defining Wealth Using the BASE Acronym

Ashley CorneliusUncategorized

When we define wealth, too often we assign a numeric value in place of a comprehensive answer; as if a number, alone, could describe the feeling of knowing that our children will have the opportunities that we did not; as if a number, alone, could provide lifetime security for our spouses if tragedy were to strike; as if a number, alone, could tell those that follow how to repeat the process for the next generation.

True wealth lies in knowledge. And with the transfer of knowledge we are assured that our legacy lives on. In the Real Wealth Blueprint we use the simple acronym BASE to understand the life cycle of wealth.

The letter B is for Blueprint, and is the formation and foundation of wealth. With a solid strategy and plan of action, you can begin your wealth journey and live secure in the knowledge that those who come after you will inherit a plan that you crafted.

The letter A is for Accumulate, and applies to all levels of investing whether we are in the more aggressive years of our youth or the more conservative years of retirement.

The letter S is for Secure, and incorporates assurance that even in the worst of times we have a plan to protect those we care most about.

The letter E is for Enjoy, and reminds us that life without enjoyment lacks fulfillment.

We will refer to BASE and the associated words to help us frame conversations when it comes to wealth. Our hope is that you will join us as we dive into each component to better understand how we can live more prosperous, secure, and enjoyable lives.

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