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Reading the Tea Leaves – By James Gaskin


Unless you’ve just returned from a deep space mission, you have undoubtedly been party to more than a few tense conversations about the results of our recent presidential election. Our nation’s new leader has a reputation for being unpredictable, and he has many wondering what to expect over the next four years.
Will our economy pick up as has happened with past Republican Commanders in Chief? Or will uncertainty in the global geopolitical backdrop undermine his efforts and stall growth?

As participants in the shadow banking industry, Noble Capital is directly impacted by changes in the way the financial and banking industries are regulated. We also keep a close eye on policy shifts in the areas of housing and environmental oversight. With little to go on but erratic social media posts and contradicting campaign rhetoric, it’s hard to blame anyone for feeling confused.

Among the issues that Noble will be closely monitoring is the possible elimination of the 1031 exchange program which, despite numerous research reports showing its importance to homeownership could be on the chopping block.

The fate of Fanny and Freddy, the federal insurers of mortgages, is also in question. This was a popular topic on the campaign trail but removing this cheap insurance from the marketplace would sharply increase the cost of obtaining a mortgage meaning fewer buyers for our borrowers to sell to.

While we don’t yet have the answers to whether or not any of these big changes will occur, you can rest assured that the brain trust at Noble Capital will be following the developments closely to best position our business to succeed in the changing environment.

And no matter what happens, I think all of our investors would agree that remaining disciplined and committed to the fundamentals is the first and best line of defense against whatever tweet-storm the next four years fires at us.

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