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Founded in 2002 with a focus on capital preservation and predictable income, Noble Capital, provides Investors with an abundance Texas’ premier real estate lending (investment) opportunities.

The US Capital / Noble Capital Real Estate Income Fund, LLC aka the Signature Fund fuels Noble Capital’s primary business model of financing value-added real estate investment projects across the state for many of Texas’ premier real estate investors. This joint venture by Noble Capital Group, LLC (Austin, TX) and US Capital Partners, LLC (San Francisco, CA) serves the needs of those investors looking for higher yields and predictability mitigated by a track record of performance.

  • Legal Name: US Capital / Noble Capital Real Estate Income Fund, LP
  • Tagline: Financing Texas’ premier Fix and Flip and New Construction Loan Opportunities
  • Key Points: 8.25%* Return
  • $250,000 Minimum Investment
  • Quarterly Distributions
  • 2 Year Lock Up

Features & Benefits

Proven Strategy: With a near flawless record of nearly $300MM deployed into investment property loans (as of Dec 2016), through the Signature Fund Noble Capital is able to operate its core business to scale. The strategy of financing investment property at low loan to value ratios has remained in high demand as long as there had been a demand for housing.

Multiple Sponsors: Unlike many direct investment opportunities where the investment is tied to one source of repayment, the Signature Fund is able to leverage multiple sponsors for its repayment.

Highest Yields: With high-interest rate loan products designed to finance speculative real estate investment projects, the Signature Fund commands the highest yield (8.25%) of Noble Capital’s current fund offering

Profit Participation: In addition to the highest preferred return, Investors also enjoy participation in the profits created by any leverage obtained by the Fund (8.25% plus 20% profit participation on debt arbitrage).