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Founded in 2002 with a focus on capital preservation and predictable income, Noble Capital, provides Investors with an abundance of Texas’ premier real estate lending (investment) opportunities.

The Noble Capital PLN Fund, LLC aka the Premier Fund functions as the platform that real estate investors not interested in speculative investments turn to when looking to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. Through the Premier Fund, Noble Capital provides mid-term, or interim, financing to higher credit quality individuals looking to finance their own income producing investment properties. This allows them to continue to build their own portfolios.

  • Legal Name: Noble Capital PLN Fund, LLC
  • Higher Credit Grade Secured Largely by Income Producing Real Estate
  • 6.25% Return
  • $50,000 Minimum Investment
  • Monthly Distributions
  • 2 Year Lock Up

Features & Benefits

Higher Credit Grade: The average credit of a Borrowers in Premier Fund will be >680

Short Dwell Times: Many of the loans that the Premier Fund will invest in will have a shortened dwell times (the amount of time that an investment remains an active asset of the Fund). This is largely due to the fact that these loans will be quickly purchased by secondary markets.

Income Producing Assets: The Premier Fund will be made up in large part by Income Producing Assets (i.e.: rental homes, small multi-family properties, etc.) whose income the Borrowers will use to service their underlying debt obligations to the Fund.

Monthly Distributions: Unlike most Funds that pay dividends on a quarterly schedule, the Premier Fund pays monthly dividends to match the needs for those investors seeking to match monthly income with their expenses.


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