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The strategy of the Portfolio Fund is to invest only in those assets acquired through foreclosure by Noble Capital during its regular course of business. After acquiring the assets, Noble Capital considers three possible disposition strategies that are made possible through the proper capitalization provided by the Portfolio Fund. The three-approach disposition strategy considers whether to sell an asset as-is, develop and sell an asset, or develop and lease the asset. Depending on the strategy, accessible and predictable capital allows Noble Capital’s asset management division to quickly dispose of the asset through one of those three strategies


  • Legal Name: Noble Capital PLN Fund, LLC
  • Higher Credit Grade Secured Largely by Income Producing Real Estate
  • 6.75% Return
  • $100,000 Minimum Investment
  • Monthly Distributions
  • 2 Year Lock Up

Features & Benefits

INSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEE: Unlike any other Fund offered by Noble Capital, the Firm, not the original Borrower on the foreclosed loan, will guarantee the repayment of the debt to the Portfolio Fund.

DIVERSIFIED ASSETS: Acquiring loans recently foreclosed by Noble Capital allows the Fund to benefit through diversification because it will invest in a wider variety of one- to four-family homes than any direct investment.

DEBT-ONLY FACILITY: The capital in the Portfolio Fund will be used exclusively to provide secured debt to Noble Capital’s redevelopment efforts giving the Fund and its Investors another layer of transparency and accountability compared with most other Funds.

PROVEN BORROWER: Noble Capital has financed well over 1,000 residential loans across the state of Texas while managing over 50 of those (defaulted) loans through foreclosure & disposition – more than any one of its current Borrowers.


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