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14618 Oak Bluff Ct.

Project Info

Project Description

14618 Oak Bluff Ct., Houston TX 77070

Technical Highlights:

  • Acquisition Renovation
  • Repeat Borrower
  • Neighborhood Average: 37 days on market
  • Loan Term: 12 Months

As many investors know, every investor has a unique strategy and qualifications. For the investors in the Oak Bluff deal, they turned to Noble Capital looking for something that would complement their investing approach that emphasizes capital preservation and risk minimization. Noble was able to offer them a variety of investment opportunities, similar to Oak Bluff, which was a good fit considering the home was in an attractive location, with a conservative ARV (After Renovation Value), and was under the care of an experienced real estate investor.

With several years of experience under his belt, the Borrower on the Oak Bluff deal was looking for funding he could utilize to make quick repairs and renovations before turning and refinancing through a traditional lender. With a series of rental properties in his retirement portfolio, the Borrower has continuously returned to Streamline Funding. Through Streamline Funding, he has been able to quickly purchase several of these rental properties, using the income that is produced after refinancing to supplement his own income through retirement.


  • Investor

Investment: $163,100

Total Return: $174,500

Total Profit: $11,400 ($950/Month)

ROI Percentage: 7%

  • Borrower

Total Investor Investment: $163,100

Total Borrower Investment: $22,900

($3,300 Down Payment, $19,600 Interest Payments)

Total Funding: $186,000

Gross Projected Resale Value: $262,000

Real Estate Commission & Closing Fees: ($19,700)

Net Resale Value: $242,300

Net Profits: $79,200

Net Net Profit: $56,300

ROI Percentage: 246%