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6603 Munich Road

Project Info

Project Description

6603 Munich Road, San Antonio, TX 78256

Technical Highlights:

  • Acquisition Renovation
  • Repeat Borrower
  • Neighborhood Average: 21 days on market
  • Loan Term: 9 Months

After several years of investing through Noble Capital, and introduction made possible by Acute Financial, two investors decided to partner on funding the Munich deal. Both investors were looking for an alternative investment to diversify their portfolio as they planned their retirement. Being in the retirement planning stages of their lives, it was crucial that they found a vehicle with a secure, high, yield that wasn’t subjected to as much risk as traditional investments. The investors are focused on keeping their capital performing year round and continue to seek joint investments opportunities through Noble Capital.

Many Streamline Funding clients use the alternative company as their preferred lending source. As is the case for Munich, often times this is because of the success they have seen in their previous projects. The Borrower in this deal is partial to everything from Streamline’s competitive ratios and rates to the funding process and construction draws. He sees that Streamline is focused on providing the tools and systems needed for a successful project. While occasionally a Streamline client will only turn to the company in times they need quick closings, the company also sees a number of clients that intend on using their services for all of their deals to come, such is the case with the Munich Borrower.


  • Investor

Investment: $218,400

Total Return: $234,800

Total Profit: $16,400 ($1,822/Month)

ROI Percentage: 7.5%*

*Percentage based on 10% annualized performing for 9 out of 12 months.

  • Borrower

Total Investor Investment: $218,400

Total Borrower Investment: $27,900

($6,600 Down Payment, $21,300 Interest Payments)

Total Funding: $246,300

Gross Projected Resale Value: $304,200

Real Estate Commission & Closing Fees: ($22,800)

Net Resale Value: $281,400

Net Profits: $63,00

Net Net Profit: $35,100

ROI Percentage: 126%