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Noble Capital launches Acute Financial Group in Dallas


Here at Noble Capital, we are excited about our opportunities to expand and grow into new markets. The first step in growing our company was to send Acute Financial, a Noble Capital company with an expert team of financial advisors, off to Dallas to test the waters. On May 2nd of this year, Acute Financial began meeting with prospective clients and lenders, quickly realizing that Dallas was going to be a great success for the Noble Capital family as a whole.

Jadon Newman, Chief Executive Officer of Noble Capital and Founder and President of Acute Financial, has been playing a large role in getting Acute Financial off the ground in Dallas. Jadon launched his tried and true business model in Dallas by hosting a series of dinner seminars for retirees and near retirees. During these presentations, Jadon helps people learn common retirement pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as empowering attendees to accomplish their retirement goals. He covers everything from tax planning to how you can get involved with Noble Capital. Not to be confused with a Timeshare gimmick, Jadon’s presentation is for education purposes only, no “free vacations” sold here. To learn more about upcoming seminars click here.

The first couple sets of these presentations saw record numbers of attendance and interaction, causing the Dallas office to be in a full sprint and sweat to keep up with the new business. Jadon’s tackling the overwhelming success with the help of his Dallas team, Jeff Luftig the Senior Advisor, Tai Tang the Client Services Coordinator, and Brandy Awtry the Director of First Impressions. The team couldn’t be happier with the beginning of a new journey for the Noble Capital family.

Acute Financial is a true leader in the retirement planning field with over six years of success and a client base to prove so. They’ve build an expert team of advisors who have countless hours of training and experience and specialize in income planning, tax planning, estate planning and real estate. Not only are these guys experts themselves, but they also work with a network of professionals who are more focused on individual disciplines and always ready for a referral. This gives Acute Financial clients a fully integrated approach to retirement, making sure all of their bases are covered.

Noble Capital is immensely proud and excited about the solid foundation that Jadon and Acute Financial have laid down to be built upon by the expansion of the other Noble brands, the Private Lender Network, Streamline Funding, and Emerge Real Estate.

Acute Financial

Acute Financial Group is a retirement planning firm located in Austin, Texas. Acute uses education and wealth management strategies to empower clients to control their financial destiny. Acute provides asset protection, wealth preservation and strategic planning consultation in addition to investment offerings through dozens of affiliates. Acute has an established network of tax professionals and attorneys to assist in providing a fully integrated retirement planning approach. Acute philosophy is built upon the following principal: Financial Education leads to Financial Protection and financial protection leads to Financial Freedom.


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