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Join Noble Capital at the Second State of the Company in 2016!

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Noble Capital to Host Second State Of the Company for Private Lender Network


Noble Capital will hold its State of The Company Private Lender Network meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in the ballroom of Austin’s Renaissance Hotel, detailing performance from the first quarter.

Noble holds these quarterly events exclusively for active and prospective Private Lender Network members. Driven by a commitment to transparency, the SOTC events allow Noble partners to provide high level reporting, company education, announcements and performance reviews to their clients. These meetings are Noble’s primary client facing meetings and gives their clients an opportunity to engage with the entire Noble team. A typical agenda follows the following format: appetizer reception, announcements, historical performance reporting, Q&A session, and breakout sessions to explore detailed information on current initiatives. This meeting will emphasize growth in terms of how we are working to ensure continuous healthy incremental expansion, what growth means to clients and how growth plays into the company’s core values.

At the upcoming April SOTC meeting, all four Noble Partners will present. Jadon Newman, President, will discuss Noble’s core values and how they are integrated into the Noble experience. Chris Ragland, Chief Operating Officer, will present a detailed State of the Company report. The educational component of this meeting will cover the foreclosure process as presented by Grady Collins, Chief Financial Officer.  Romney Navarro, Chief Marketing Officer, will discuss the recently launched Ambassador Club – an exclusive benefit for Private Lender Network members.

The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. Guests can RSVP through Noble’s weblink. Light food and drink are provided.