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Mudbugs, Birthdays and Kids… Its ALL About the Kids


“I’m so full,” “It’s cold outside,” “Where is Grady?” were just a few of the things that you would have heard had you been at Gumbo’s on the Lake on Saturday, April 22nd. Along with 100 of our closest clients, friends, and family, we all gathered to celebrate the company’s 15 year anniversary. The abnormally brisk and rainy spring weather did not stand a chance to the sunny faces and high energy at the company’s first ever Crawfish Boil.

This long awaited crawfish boil proved to be a very memorable one abundant with food, drink and socializing. While new memories were being made and new friendships were being formed a lot of wisdom was also passed down from Noble Capital’s clientele to the company’s staff and leadership teams. From Tommy (who traveled all the way from Dallas) suggesting not to overlook an emerging market, to Dan opening our eyes to a new way of attracting like-minded individuals by identifying and embracing our client’s interests. These nuggets of wisdom are the highest compliment we could ever receive. There are few things more meaningful to us than these gifts as they suggest a level of trust that we tirelessly aim to achieve and for that – we thank you.

In addition to the fifteen year anniversary, the owners and staff at Gumbo’s on the Lake were also celebrating something special… their unofficial “soft” opening. By opening their doors to us this lakefront establishment, directly adjacent to the world famous Oasis restaurant, warmly greeted our clients and us and we are forever grateful to them for their gesture.

On a more serious note, however, charitable donations have become a very real part of our everyday lives at Noble Capital, and as such, we decided to bring a local charity to the party and put on a small fundraising effort benefitting their cause. Though the day’s theme was “The Crawfish Boil” and the celebration was “The 15 Year Anniversary”, the cause was one very special and dear to our hearts – “The Children.”

As parents of young children ourselves and devoted enthusiasts of bringing good things to those in need, at Noble Capital, we felt inclined to align our very special event with an organization fitting the profile of those things we care about and believe in the most. As such, donations were collected at the event for Austin’s Helping Hand Home (HHH) for Children organization. HHH is an extraordinary charitable organization that has been offering residential and therapeutic foster care for abandoned, abused and neglected children in the Austin area since 1893. Their non-profit track record is amongst the highest rated in their industry and their tenure as Austin’s premier source for these very important (and unfortunately necessary) services to small children more than speaks for itself.

At final tally, we were happy to announce that (together) we raised just over $1,000 for the organization and planned to continue partnering with them on an ongoing basis. In fact, this coming holiday season we plan to work with HHH in providing no less than 50 children with Christmas gifts donated entirely by Noble Capital and its network of friends and family. Upon delivering the news of the recent donation, our representative at HHH happily told us, “We are so grateful to have formed a relationship with you all. Your team was such a huge help to our foster families last Christmas. Thank you for wanting to continue supporting our kiddos. We are so honored to have started this partnership with you all and excited that it has developed into continued support. Thank you.” To learn more about HHH, visit

The fact that we were able to not only raise money for HHH but al also bring awareness to their very noble (no pun intended) cause truly made that cold & muggy Saturday afternoon one of the most special Saturday’s in Noble Capital’s history. What a great way to kick off the next fifteen years. While we plan on seeing a whole lot more from each other between now and then, we would be honored to have us join us in another 15 years so (in the spirit of celebration) here’s to doing it again in 2032! Cheers!