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Our Affiliates

Noble Capital group includes several amazing affiliates. Thanks to our close working relationship, the group
can deliver a range of services to all stakeholders in the Texas real estate investment market.

Emerge Real Estate Group was launched in 2016 to provide a full-service package to buyers and sellers in Austin’s real estate market. Emerge, a subsidiary of Noble Capital, offers market analysis, marketing services as well as investment, management, and strategy planning as part of their concierge package. Emerge Real Estate Group is located at 8200 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 320 Austin, TX. Connect with Emerge by calling 512.249.6060.

Streamline Funding, a subsidiary wholly owned by Noble Capital, is Texas’ premier Real Estate Investment Funding source. Operating since 2001, Streamline Funding offers clients myriad residential real estate investment options including bridge loans, construction loans, rehabilitation loans, cash-out or acquisition funding. With proven success rates for facilitating fast private money loans, Streamline is the private funding source for asset-based, short-term residential and commercial loans. Contact Streamline Funding at 512.250.8575 or visit their website at Follow them online at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. You can also

Acute Financial Group is a retirement planning firm located in Austin, Texas. Acute uses education and wealth management strategies to empower clients to control their financial destiny. Acute provides asset protection, wealth preservation, and strategic planning consultation in addition to investment offerings through dozens of affiliates. Acute has an established network of tax professionals and attorneys to assist in providing a fully integrated retirement planning approach. Acute philosophy is built upon the following principal: Financial Education leads to Financial Protection, and financial protection leads to Financial Freedom. Acute Financial Group is located at 8200 North Mopac Expwy, Suite 320 Austin, TX. They have recently expanded into the Dallas market with plans to expand into markets statewide. Connect by calling 512.492.3800 (Austin) or 469.232.4300 (Dallas) or emailing