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2016 Noble Capital Award Recipients


If you’ve read our latest blog, you’ll have noticed quite a few names were called out. While all of our employees demonstrate what Noble Capital believes to be impeccable work ethic and standards, a few employees really stuck out this year. The team decided to honor these employees with an award ceremony at our annual holiday party.

These are the recipients of the 2016 Noble Capital awards:

The Culture Award

Awarded to Tammie Tirres
Company culture is the personality of a company and is designed to alleviate work related stress, all while adhering to the company’s core values; Candor, Stewardship, Expertise, and Growth. Voted by her peers, the Culture Award was presented to that person who best defines that personality.

The Customer Service Award

Awarded to Jason McNiff
As a customer facing staff member, this award was presented to the person who best exemplified the highest level of customer service this year. Customer Service builds trust, is more important than price, builds brand awareness, reduces problems, and is appealing to the client. Without exceptional customer service, our client – oriented business would not succeed.

The Newcomer of the Year

Awarded to Kim Jennings
Open to those team members who were hired in 2016, this award was chosen by their senior peers as the Newcomer who not only quickly acclimated to the company, but also made the most immediate impact on the organization in their first year.

The People’s Choice Award

Awarded to Alana Heaton
This award was presented to the staff member who was chosen by her peers as the person who sets the highest standard with regards to individual performance, company culture, customer service, and working with their peers.

The Griffin of the Year

Awarded to Mason Walters
Chosen between the last four Griffin Award recipients by the Noble Capital Management Team, this exclusive award was presented to the previous recipient who, at the highest possible level, showcased the attributes related to the meaning of the Griffin throughout the course of the year.

The Impact Performer of the Year

Awarded to Jonathan Burklund
This award was granted by the Noble Capital Partner Team to the team member who, over the course of the year 2016, made the biggest impact on the company’s success by doing whatever it took to get there. The Impact Performer of the year clearly saw the vision and made it their primary objective to see this vision become a reality.


Congratulations to all of our award recipients this year. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Without a staff as hardworking and dedicated as our own, we would not be able to be as successful as we are. We look forward to 2017 and seeing more of our employees rise to the top.

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